Flooring... With Well-Being Built In


Easy to clean and maintain flooring options that absorb energy, that contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and that can help prevent injuries create safer and healthier foundations for environments and activities of all kinds.


Progressive technologies and wellness awareness are an integral part of the flooring industry today. Balancing durability with aesthetics, and sustainable practices with performance, more sustainable surfaces are available for whatever space you’re in.


With a vast array of colors, patterns, textures and types, well-designed Wellness Flooring solutions enhance any space and the experiences within it. Customizing a space from the ground up can help support a brand’s identity, from the first touch to the last.


Whether you’re training, working, lounging, playing, learning, or just passing through, flooring creates the first impression that helps define any area -- inviting you in and setting a confident expectation for whatever comes next. Taking care to invest in the flooring means considering the users, activities, and adventures that pass across it.

Solutions For Every Environment

  • Indoor

    From corporate offices and modern workspaces, to hotels and schools, to restaurants and retail locations, the right flooring options can transform, support, and impress…

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  • Outdoor

    Customizable, weather- and slip-resistant surfaces that are a breeze to maintain make outdoor living safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

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  • Performance

    The top performance floors feature unrivaled ergonomic, safety and acoustic benefits that support the most active environments.

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  • Wellness

    Anti-microbial applications and germ-resistant solutions are available in multiple design-forward Wellness Flooring options.

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Our team of dedicated flooring specialists are waiting to help.

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For every space, indoors or out, there’s a flooring solution that fits perfectly. Wellness Flooring’s dedicated team has decades of experience in performance and commercial flooring, partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry, offering flooring options that strengthen the foundations for living.