Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What preparation needs to take place before new flooring gets installed?

  • Demolition of old floor if necessary
  • Sub-floor preparation if needed to ensure that the installation surface is flat, clean, smooth, dry (including RH testing) and structurally sound.
  • Working with a Wellness Flooring professional, site visits with the install team are also critical to the success of the project.

What is an RH test and why should I care? What is “moisture mitigation” and what effect does it/can it have on indoor flooring?

An RH test is testing the concrete substrate for relative humidity (moisture content) in the concrete. The moisture in the concrete can’t exceed the ability of the flooring adhesive or the installation will fail. If the RH is too high for the adhesive, the adhesive won’t cure and will puddle. If moisture mitigation needs to take place, it is sometimes costly but necessary for the finished product to be installed successfully. Moisture mitigation is a process using epoxy or other materials to limit the movement of water vapor into the finished flooring system.

How long does it take to get new flooring ordered and in? What is the lead time to complete a project?

Depending on the product, it can be handled relatively quickly (4-6 weeks) but given today’s supply chain issues, you should plan on 6-8 weeks from order to install.

How do I keep new flooring in good condition for as long as possible?

Simply follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. A Wellness Flooring consultant can help guide you on the best products and strategies for quality flooring solutions that last.

How do you care for outdoor surfaces or wet area flooring?

All flooring systems, outdoor and indoor alike, need to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's care guidelines including cleaning options, which sealers to use, etc.

After it’s installed, why does my floor show seams, waves/undulations or bubbles?

Most flooring systems will show seams, as they are nearly impossible to hide with rolled or paneled product that is installed side by side. Pile carpet (like what you see in Residential applications) is different because the carpet fibers are used to hide the seam and strengthen the carpet at that point. Methods can be used to minimize the showing of seams, but seams will not be invisible. If bubbles or undulations occur, the substrate was most likely not prepared properly.

What makes rubber flooring a desirable option for performance spaces? Does it smell?

High quality rubber flooring absorbs energy and is nearly impossible to ding or divot in everyday use, which makes it a sought-after flooring solution for many performance spaces. Most rubber flooring products, and all that Wellness Flooring offers, are made from recycled rubber, and some people may detect a slight odor upon installation. If any slight odor is detected, clients should know that it dissipates over time and there are cleaners and sealers that can help odor fade faster, though these need to be used within the manufacturer’s guidelines so as not to damage the flooring.

How can the Wellness Flooring team help me through the entire process from product selection to installation and beyond?

You’ll have a dedicated Wellness Flooring design consultant that will work directly with you from the start. Our entire team is experienced, resourceful, and dedicated to making sure that each project is handled professionally every step of the way.

What types of budgets and project sizes do you work with? What are your specialties?

At Wellness Flooring, we will work with all project sizes and types, as we have products that will fit all applications and most budgets. Each project is different, and after so many years in the business, our team has specialties in all types and sizes of flooring projects. Your Wellness Flooring consultant can help explore the options that are the best fit for your needs, whatever they may be.

Do you have any sort of customer/quality guarantees?

All of the flooring products that Wellness Flooring sells have a manufacturer’s warranty. On top of that, Wellness Flooring will offer a one-year labor warranty for any of our projects.


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