flooring matters

flooring matters

3 Keys to Successful Flooring Installation: Critical Elements You Need to Know As You Plan for Your New Flooring

You’ve settled on a design and chosen your new flooring. Now what?

No worries – Wellness Flooring has you covered.

Here are a few things that need to happen before your new flooring gets installed and you transform your space from the ground up. 
First, demolition of the old floor needs to occur, if necessary.
Clients can demolish their own existing flooring to save money, but with an eye towards caution to make sure that the demo doesn’t harm the subfloor or create new challenges. Experienced flooring installers will include demo in their project quote to give visibility for what the costs will be, as other items might need to be included such as demo machines, forklifts, dumpster rental, etc. 

Second, the subfloor will need to be prepared. Your space should be:
  • Flat – Flat doesn’t mean level. If a subfloor has more than 3/16” of elevation change over 10’ it would need to be skim coated.
  • Clean – The space should be free from any debris, dirt, oily substances, or other loose materials that should otherwise be removed.
  • Smooth –Simply put, the subfloor needs to be free of dimples, pits, nail holes, etc.
  • Dry – The subfloor should be dry and have been properly tested for Rh% (moisture).
  • Structurally Sound - A structurally sound subfloor is one that is devoid of cracking, instability, or excessive deflection

Third, work with a professional throughout the installation process - from site visits to completion
Working hand-in-hand with Wellness Flooring to design and install your floors is simple and critical to the success of the project. With our Wellness Flooring Installation Network, a skilled installer will be involved from the first site visit all the way through to the completion of the project, using appropriate installation and prep methods for a successful install at a fair and competitive price. Currently Wellness Flooring services 17 states and our coverage is rapidly growing. If you need installation in a state we don’t currently service, we can help find an installation team through our contacts.

Some other key things to keep in mind when preparing for your new flooring.

What kind of budget should you plan for?

A floor system can be $100 or $100,000 – as it depends on the area, the type of floor, the installation requirements, logistics, and many other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

What is an Rh test?
An Rh test examines the concrete substrate for relative humidity (moisture content) in the concrete. The moisture in the concrete can’t exceed the ability of the flooring adhesive or the installation will fail. If the Rh is too high for the adhesive, the adhesive won’t cure and will puddle.

What is “moisture mitigation” and what effect does it/can it have on indoor flooring?
If moisture mitigation needs to take place, it is sometimes costly but necessary for the finished product to be installed successfully. Moisture mitigation is a process using epoxy or other materials to limit the movement of water vapor into the finished flooring system.

Does installation differ for indoor or outdoor flooring?
Indoor and outdoor flooring installations aren’t all that different, though the materials vary. In both cases, the substrate must still be flat, clean, smooth, dry, and structurally sound. It is the make-up of the finish product that differs and sometimes the adhesive that is used.

How long does the installation process take?
The length of the process primarily depends on logistics, floor prep, the type of floor being installed, and the install method. Some flooring installations can be done in a day, others can take weeks.

How long does it take to get new flooring ordered and in?
Depending on the product, it can be handled relatively quickly (4-6 weeks) but given today’s supply chain issues, you should plan on 6-8 weeks from order to install. An experienced flooring consultant, like the team at Wellness Flooring, can and should set a timeline and expectations for every step of the project.

One of the most successful strategies to make sure that your flooring investment is maximized, is to work with an experienced team that can help guide the process from the first site visit all the way through to the final inspection. If you choose to work with Wellness Flooring, you will work with a dedicated Wellness Flooring design consultant from the start. Our entire team is experienced, resourceful, and dedicated to making sure that each project is handled professionally every step of the way.

For every space, indoors or out, there’s a flooring solution that fits perfectly. It’s the first impression that helps define any area, inviting you in. It’s the one element of any space that everyone interacts with, and a quality impression matters. Wellness Flooring’s dedicated team has decades of experience in performance and commercial flooring, partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry, offering flooring options that strengthen the foundations for living. It’s what we know, and what we help clients discover that sets their spaces apart. We’d love to help you explore new flooring project ideas – just visit www.wellnessflooring.com or email us at design@wellnessflooring.com to get started.

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