flooring matters

flooring matters

First Impressions Last - Making an Impact from the Ground Up

How you feel about a place has a lot to do with how comfortable you are when you’re there. Indoors or outdoors, do you feel welcome, relaxed, motivated, focused, safe, ready-to-dance or what??? Believe it or not, the first steps into any environment create an impression via the surface you travel across – the flooring.
From corporate offices and modern workspaces, to hotels and schools, to restaurants and retail locations, as well as gym and athletic facilities, wellness flooring principles are being integrated into design decisions. It used to be that looks and price were all that mattered, but no more. Safety and performance options, green building guidelines and the advancement of technologies and materials that affect environmentally-conscious design are making their way into the flooring world.
For Wellness Flooring, four key areas are considered when making flooring choices:
1. SAFETY – Energy-absorbing flooring means less noise, more support, and a better foundation for whatever happens above the surface. In performance and wellness environments, wellness flooring means better ergonomics, slip resistance, and prevented injuries.
2. HEALTH – Using upper wear layers that are non-porous, antimicrobial or antibacterial means that many Wellness Flooring options are inherently hypoallergenic, easy to clean and maintain, and healthier for whatever environment they’re in.
3. SUSTAINABILITY – The multifaceted balance between product performance and durability, steadfast aesthetic integrity, sustainable practices across the product lifecycle, and conservation and recycling of raw materials, is something that progressive clients are searching for today.
4. COMFORT – Wellness flooring helps clients achieve the first impression that helps define any area, inviting you in and setting a confident expectation for whatever comes next. Whether you’re training, working, lounging, playing, learning, or just passing through, knowing and feeling that your foundation is perfect for your space of the moment matters. 
And, as the last couple of years have taught us, it is important to also ensure that every aspect of your environment is safe and as germ-free as possible, especially if people are coming in direct skin contact with the floor. A healthy environment begins with healthy floors.

We partner with the best manufacturers in the industry – certified in numerous best practices, with high safety- and sustainability-conscious standards for the products they produce. Being able to offer low-maintenance, aesthetically attractive products that are built to last for any environment can be a complex undertaking, but the experts at Wellness Flooring are well up to the task.
When you consider that any space where standing, sitting, walking, waiting, playing or lounging occurs can benefit from conscientious, wellness-inclusive flooring choices, it brings new perspective to the importance and impact of those decisions. There is a vast array of product options and designs to navigate when wellness values are in play, and with ever-advancing technologies and materials to create healthier surfaces, expert guidance is needed to help find the right fit for your space.

It’s not a cheap path, and it’s more complicated than doing the old “peel-and-stick” trick when your existing floor starts to crack, tear, stain, or fall into disrepair. When you consider all the interaction that this one piece of equipment is involved in and connected to, making a wellness-forward flooring investment is the wisest move ahead.

If you choose to work with Wellness Flooring, you will work with a dedicated Wellness Flooring design consultant from the start. Our entire team is experienced, resourceful, and dedicated to making sure that each project is handled professionally every step of the way. We can help you find the Wellness Flooring product that is the best fit for your space and use, and we’ll make sure that it’s done right from the ground up.

For every space, indoors or out, there’s a flooring solution that fits perfectly. It’s the first impression that helps define any area, inviting you in. It’s the one element of any space that everyone interacts with, and a quality impression matters. Wellness Flooring’s dedicated team has decades of experience in performance and commercial flooring, partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry, offering flooring options that strengthen the foundations for living. It’s what we know, and what we help clients discover that sets their spaces apart. We’d love to help you explore new flooring project ideas – just visit www.wellnessflooring.com or email us at design@wellnessflooring.com to get started.

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